In another universe my son tells me to go screw myself
I throw a drinking glass at him and my wife
Doesn’t do anything because she left three months
Earlier and doesn’t give a crap if we kill each other.

In another universe my son gets a college scholarship
Because he wrote an essay about his father and
His mother and how they taught him to value
Kindness over intelligence.

In another universe I am an actor, walking on a
Famous stage playing a teacher and knowing
That if I stand just this way and tilt my head just that
Way that people will cry.

In another universe I am a teacher, acting in
Front a class and knowing that if I break down
The idea of the maple tree and show
Them where to drive in the tap, that they too

May slide from one world to another, fight
Parents and not get hurt, learn that families
Are the best education, and know that the spotlight
Is both a blessing and a curse.