…my body.

Apparently, I complain about my aches and pains a little too much. Well, here’s a poem that takes a more lighthearted look at the topic.

Land and Sea
Scarred retina. Torn rotator cuff and
Labrum. Compressed disks. Runners knee.
Broken tibia. Achilles tendonosis.
Two well-healed stress fractures.
I am a map, a cartographers dream
Each new venture brings an
Undiscovered kingdom
A land of palm trees and savages
A fountain of youth and silver mines.
I may nurture my own disease
Stagger through the tropics of a
Mosquito infested imagination
But I am also trekking from the
Unknown and comfortable into a
State of wonder. In the dark heart
Of this El Dorado, I take no
Prisoners and harbor no delusions.
I am riding an old horse, a twitchy
Horse that farts and bites, that will not
Eat from my hand but will take my
Food and my blanket. I am sailing an old boat,
A leaky boat with foul bilge and fearless rats,
But my vigilance at the helm will be rewarded
When I stop at a shimmering caravanserai,
And find a jewel for my bride, a trinket
for my noisy children, a treasure
For the aging parents who gave me this
Imperfect fragile body and sent me
Over land and sea to discover its worth.